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Historical Furniture / November 30, 2019

Vintage pieces are a fantastic way to add timeless style to your home or office with a touch of elegance and style, and can often be quite valuable if kept in good condition.

A lot of furniture made in the last 15 years is manufactured cheaply with inferior materials and designs that quickly loses their aesthetic. On the contrary, many older pieces are made with stronger frames and can last a lifetime with the right level of care. We commonly see anything from rare antique furniture to family heirlooms that the owner wants restored to its former glory — you will be surprised at the result when a traditional craftsman from ABR dedicates their time and expertise to your furniture.

We work with any lounges and traditional upholstery

Even if the design is one of a kind, our extensive experience means we are familiar with any style and we will always listen to your ideas on different fabrics and leather. Many amateur craftsmen will repair on top of existing layers which leads to a low quality, superficial result that will not last nearly as long. We strip back all layers of fabric to the frame and rebuild all traditional upholstery underneath to guarantee you years of trouble free use.

We understand that some designs are quite delicate, and we will carefully carry out antique furniture restoration with respect to the piece and have it looking beautiful in no time. When you need a professional to handle any precious items and traditional upholstery in Brisbane with utmost care, trust the skilled team at ABR Home Industries.

Let a professional craftsman reinvigorate your furniture

Whether it’s a full restoration of antique furniture or minor repairs of traditional upholstery, the team at ABR Home Industries has the expertise to give you a beautiful, long-lasting result. To get a free quote, take some photos of the piece in question and either bring them into our workshop to show a craftsman or send them to us online.

To speak directly with an ABR traditional craftsman in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to call our team on (07) 3266 2902. We can also be reached through our contact form and will get back to you as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE! We don’t give estimates over the phone without seeing an image/photo of the furniture due to the large number of designs around.