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Historical Furniture / February 7, 2023

So, of the 3 pc. set I've received the loveseat and the chair today which are together and in my living room. It couldn't have been easier to assemble! Assuming the sofa will arrive shortly I am satisfied with this set. Not thrilled but will live with it. Mainly due to the color being nothing like the photo, not even close. I purchased the Tawny Port color and should have taken the small color swatch for the exact color as it truly is that dark. All the photos of the assembled pieces show a much more redish color which is what I assumed it would be and what I wanted. The Tawny Port is a dark almost purple red, what I see is a dark burgundy, which is nothing at all like the photos of the furniture actually assembled on the overstock item pages. I can live with this even though my curtains and pillows and throws don't match at all. The quality is so-so, basically what you pay for. There are a couple of major gaps here and there and the stitching shows where it really shouldn't in places. Also it's very hard but I'm assuming it will soften with warmth and time (it's 8 degrees here today and it was on the porch for a few hours). I feel spending what I did on this set and having it last for 4-5 years is much better than spending 3 times more at the local furniture store and waiting weeks for the order to come. I won't be too unhappy replacing this in a few years. I'm happy I gave Overstock a go with this set and will most likely return when I'm ready to replace this set in a few years.