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Antique Wooden Wheels for furniture

Old Wooden Furniture / April 22, 2018

Your drive to continue rollin' fuels your fire to keep turning, spin over that next mountain, and down the valley again. A wagon wheel evokes those kinds of feelings, prompting buyers to keep the antique close by to touch or hold on to as a reminder to keep going. Check out a wagon wheel chandelier made out of hickory, oak, and ash, hanging from a 2-foot chain with light cascading from six globes. Don't you just want to swing from those spokes? Or revive a yesteryear's relic, an antique wagon wheel, made from cast iron, wood, or steel, and lean it against a tree to welcome anyone arriving for a visit. While shopping on eBay among its reliable sellers, notice the chairs, tables, and benches that incorporate wheels into the furniture designs that will become instant conversation pieces for your home. Life may continue to wobble and rock, but step back, look at your wagon wheel, and continue moving forward.