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Historical Furniture / August 28, 2021

In the words of a client, "shopping at Marie Antoinette is like going back to a time when merchants listened, gave advise when requested, and truly cared about their clients' needs."

Francine personally selects each item found in her shop. Most antique furniture pieces are purchased in France.

When not in the store or on a buying excursion in Europe, Francine might be found at a high-end estate sale or gift show picking up interesting decorative items to mix with the shop's unparalleled collection of quality French antiques.

The owner's flare for beautiful furnishings is complemented by her commitment to exceptional personal service.

Francine will search for the perfect piece for a client, visit the client's home to help them chose the right piece for their decor scheme, and make functional and aesthetic changes to accommodate the client's specific goals, such as widening an armoire to accommodate a television or changing the stain on a table to match the room's decor.