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How to Distress Antique furniture?

Historical Furniture / December 3, 2017

How to Distress a Black DresserAntique furniture gives homes a rustic look, but finding a piece of real antique furniture is a difficult and expensive task. Rather than hunting in vain for an already-worn piece of furniture, distress a modern black dresser to make it look vintage and not break your budget. When you distress a dresser, you get the sturdiness of a newly-crafted piece of furniture with the sleek, shiny exterior removed. Learn how to create your own distressed black dresser using tools and supplies you find on eBay.

Remove the Handles

Take off the handles and other metal pieces of hardware from the dresser using a screwdriver. The handles need to be removed in order to keep paint and chemicals off of them. Wipe the entire surface of the dresser clean with a damp cloth to prepare it for deglossing. Polish the handles of the dresser with the cloth, then set them aside.

Sand the Dresser

Pour liquid sander deglosser onto another dry cloth and brush the surface of the dresser with the liquid to remove the first layer of varnish. Wear a protective face mask while working with this product, and work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside.

Apply Primer to the Wood

When the dresser is completely deglossed, place cardboard pieces underneath the edges of the drawers on the front of the dresser to catch paint drips. Spray the dresser surface with primer to prepare it for its coat of paint. This improves the color saturation on the final distressed piece.

Paint the Wood

Coat the dresser in black spray paint. Use multiple layers of paint to give a dark black look to the finished dresser, or use only one or two coats of paint for a light black distressed appearance. Let the paint dry completely before distressing the dresser. Test for dryness by touching the paint to ensure it is not peeling or damp.

Sand and Stain the Dresser

Sand the top of the dresser with an electric sander. Use a 150-grit paper to get the surface smooth. Next, rub a handheld piece of sandpaper over the rest of the dresser to slowly remove some of the black paint. Remove the largest amount of paint around raised areas of the dresser, in the corners, and around the handles. These are the places that are most likely to have natural wear and tear, making them ideal for a distressed look.

Use sandpaper on any remaining areas that still have too much black paint. Continue sanding these spots until the dresser has the look you want. Brush the top of the dresser in a thin layer of wood stain to complete the distressed look, then coat the rest of the dresser in the stain and let it dry. Reattach the handles to the dresser.

How to Buy a Dresser and Distressing Supplies on eBay

Visit eBay to buy a dresser and the supplies needed to distress it. Begin your search by typing your keywords into the search box. Narrow your results down by category, price, size, and style. Once you have a list of products matching your search criteria, click on each product to find out more. Before you buy, ask the seller any questions you have about shipping or assembly.

Source: www.ebay.com