Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse: Dallas Shopping Review

Lots of Furniture antiques Warehouse

Historical Furniture / January 31, 2021

(214) 761-1575

My mother-in-law was in town and we brought her here as she owns an antique store in her home state. Definitely lives up to its name: lots of furniture! as well as chandeliers and paintings and lots of other stuff too. Lots of stuff crammed into the space but still easy to walk around and see everything. My husband fell in love with one of the cats that lives in the store. My MIL picked up a couple items and was really impressed with a lot of what they had to offer. I was impressed by the staff (owner?) and how friendly they were without being overbearing. Parking was also great once we realized they have their own lot and we didn't have to park in the street. They helped carry purchases out to the car, too! I will say try to avoid using their restroom if at all possible. Just...trust me. It's not good.

Yesterday's visit to this vast antique market sums up why we love Chris & Ted. They are funny with cool stuff and provide great deals for loyal & new clients alike. I bought an antique glass door handle several months ago, but didn't see the door mounts. Whoops. My brunette mistake. So I skippied on up to the front to pay for them. Hey, those are on the house, it was part & parcel with the handle. Me: na man, here is $4. Them: how about $2. Okay. Everybody wins. Come in to pet their lounging cats. Hit the fun "NO" button several times. Laugh your arse off. Buy one of a kind items. Nirvana. Mission accomplished.

I always like coming here to look around. It's definitely cluttered and a little bit of an adventure, but I've found some cool pieces in here. I got a great ranch house oil painting on canvas for $4! I've never bought anything large here (not in the market) but they have all sorts of cool old pieces. I also found a cool vintage coffee table tray that was marked at $15, but the guy said he was just gonna charge me $12. Thanks!

Fun to browse, but cluttered and expensive. This place is mainly old furniture but also a lot of art - old paintings, etc. You can get a 5 foot Jesus statue here for like a grand! You know you need one! But it's a fun place to walk around and check out - it's just not as well-displayed as the other similar stores in the area.

THIS PLACE IS PACKED with great antique furniture, textiles, statues, Persian rugs etc... Of all the places we checked out today in the Trinity Antique District, this one is absolutely the best. The amount of antique wood furniture with heavy, ornate carvings is a little ridiculous! See photos. Out in front of the store they have great old wrought-iron gates, as well as recovered marble slabs. Pricing may be a little high, but GREAT selection! This is part of the "Trinity Antiques District". On another note, I talked to the owner for a bit about social media and yelp, which she had never heard of - so if you head down there or call, be SURE to mention yelp so she gets it!

Parking is limited, store contents are not. If you need old, large, wooden antique furniture, this place is for you. But bring your credit cards. They are proud of their merchandise. Hopefully they are eager to deal as there are plenty of pieces with a layer of dust on them. The inventory is also unusual. How often can you find a confessional outside of a Catholic church? If you are allergic to cats, stay away. There are plenty roaming this shop. They're friendly, but have obviously selected some items as their favorites. I guess a shopper is expected to overlook cat fur covering the red velvet chairs. Ick.

This place is great and packed with wonderful antiques! The prices for what you get are much lower than you would expect to see at other antique shops around the Dallas area. I would say the store is almost like an antique wholesaler, pieces you see in here end up at other antique malls for twice the price. They also have a nice mix of artwork and stained glass. I have seen some people complaining about the cats, but keep in mind all the cats in the shop are rescues.the owners take them in and give them a good home. My wife and I are actually both allergic to cats, and we bought a couple of items from these guys and never had any issues. I highly recommend Lots of Furniture to anyone looking for a good deal on antiques, if you're looking for excellent presentation and ritzy decor, then the shop is not for you because these guys are down to earth and have great prices.

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