Valuable Antique Furniture Presented To Your Home Valuable Antique

Most Valuable Antique Furniture

Historical Furniture / November 20, 2021

Anyone who's a regular thrifter or antique shopper knows that thrift stores are usually packed floor-to-ceiling with treasures that are just waiting to find a new home. But how do you know what's worth purchasing and what isn't?

In addition to hunting for gems that speak to your own personal taste (those really arethe best), you can also seek out the most valuable item. Serena Appiah, the blogger behind Thrift Diving, discovered exactly what that is via MaxSold's free eBook, The author is a company specializes in estate auctions and in their book, they revealed the most precious item one can thrift:

"The highest value items are American furniture pieces. In fact, handmade furniture or pieces manufactured in very small numbers, can be worth a fortune. If you find Stickley furniture from the 1900s made from heavy oak, it can be very valuable. Look for maker labels in drawers and on the back of furniture."

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If you happen to come across a piece of American-made furniture, particularly an oak piece made from this company, scoop it up while you can! And if you consider yourself a frequent thrifter, then make sure to check out the other expert tips featured on Serena's blog.