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Antique Furniture Appraisal

Vintage / July 9, 2017

Our education, experience, and training make us the absolute best choice for antique furniture appraisals in Tucson. We provide complete services for families, trust departments, attorneys, financial planners, businesses, churches, and individuals. Any authorities consulted are acknowledged in the appraisal document to comply with the standard of due diligence. Catherine has given expert witness testimony as an appraiser and appraised for museums. Most recently, she has provided valuations to the Tucson Police Department for seized goods subject to forfeiture.

Some of Our Many Furniture Appraisal Services in Tucson

  • Appraisals for Insurance Purposes
  • Fair Market Valuation Appraisal
  • Damaged or Lost Item Appraisals
  • Personal Property Appraisals for Divorce
  • Appraisals for Bankruptcy
  • Appraisals for Estate Planning Purposes
  • Charitable Donations Appraisals
  • Appraisals for Taxable Estates
  • Salvage and Forced Liquidations Appraisals
  • Expert Appraisal Testimony

Antique Furniture Appraisal Company in Tucson

We work with you at an hourly rate to choose the proper type of valuation for your assignment. You can be confident in the value set for your possessions because the approach and the methodology for all written appraisals are consistent and done in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Our approach, scholarship, and research are consistent in all appraisal assignments. Whether we are appraising an antique china closet passed down through the generations, or an old dresser found in your great aunt’s attic, Catherine’s Estates can handle all your antique furniture appraisal needs.