15 of the best antique and vintage stores in metro Detroit

Antique Furniture Detroit

Historical Furniture / August 7, 2023

A celebration of sofas, side tables, and everything in between, with intel on where to shop and the best pieces to buy, no matter your budget.

A day out hunting for furniture in Detroit means you should expect to find almost anything. We mapped out the best places to search for big ticket items for your home: sofas, tables, chairs, and more. Some of these shops are near other housewares stores that have smaller items for the home, and we've tried to note those in the descriptions.

We've mostly included antiques, with a few new places, and something for every price point. We even ventured just outside the city limits this time. Did we miss your favorite store in or just outside the city? Let us know on the tip line or in the comments and we might add it in.

A note: For some of the smaller places, it might be best to call ahead just to make sure they're open. Many also list their merchandise online. Under each photo, there should be a website for each store. Happy shopping!

Source: detroit.curbed.com