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Historical Furniture / April 8, 2023

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This twist-top table is 15 by 30" when folded, 30" square when opened, 29" tall, the short side legs are 18" apart. Would this be considere…

Started by Lillian Dunbar


I purchased this folding chair at an estate sale recently. It is marked: MADE BYMICHIGAN YOUTHOF THENATIONAL YOUTH ADMINISTRATION After s…

Started by Dana Laureano

0 Mar 25

this is a couple pages out of the 1932 baker furniture catalog from my home town

Started by Craig Phillips / B & C Emporium


Good Morning All, I am Paul Girgenti, I am pleased to be the moderator for this group. As admin for my group on FB called "Antique Lover…

Started by Paul Gee

0 Jan 9

The Smallest State Has a Rich History of Furniture Makers NEW HAVEN — From colonial times and into the 19th century, every town and hamlet…

Started by C. Dianne Zweig Editor's Desk


Picking Apart 18th-Century French Furniture to Detect Forgery The decorative arts adviser William Iselin recently led a team of specialist…


Here I am with something other than glass: wood! Quarter sawn oak, to be precise. The best descriptions I can give are in the picture and…

Started by Scott


This stand all carved and with original hardware still has its towel rack. Any ideas of value? Thank you, Paul


Aloha! I picked this table up off the curb years ago, a house was being cleaned out and I watched as 2 guys were carrying it out. I said to…

Started by Kennin


Hello all, we took this one in on consignment and we don't do much Americana. It seems like southern pine but some details seem New England…

Started by House of Charm Antiques Southinc


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