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Antique Furniture Manufacturing List

Historical Furniture / March 7, 2023

Startup Costs: $2, 000 - $10, 000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No
Online Operation? Yes

Starting a business that buys antique furniture and resells it for a profit is a terrific new venture to set in motion. The following information describes three various methods for starting and operating an antique furniture sales business.
The first option for starting an antique furniture sales business is to establish and operate the business from a home based location. This is an excellent way for entrepreneurs with limited investment capital to get into antique sales, then later expand the business from the profits earned. If this approach is taken, be sure to use any low-cost advertising media available in the local community for marketing the antique furniture, such as free penny-saver classified ads. Additionally, spend time scouring flea markets and garage sales to locate antique furniture to resell. Providing you have the skills and equipment necessary, you can even offer customers antique furniture restoration service.
There are two options for retailing antique furniture online. The first option is to purchase the items listed for sale on the site yourself. And the second option is to operate the website as a posting service for individuals and antique dealers to list their antique items for sale. If you choose to promote and operate the website as an antique furniture directory, you have two methods for earning income. The first is to charge customers a listing or posting fee to feature their antique furniture for sale on the site. The second option is to retain a percentage of the revenues that are generated through furniture sales.
The third and most capital-intensive option for starting an antique furniture sales business is to open a retail storefront. This type of specialty retailing has the potential to generate very large profits for the owner-operator of the business. However, careful planning and research are required prior to opening the store. Key to the success of the business will be the location selected for the store. Customer parking, street visibility, size and consumer demographics all must be carefully considered when selecting the location. In the spirit of being unique, consider a joint venture-perhaps with a store that retails new furniture or appliances. Joint ventures in retailing have many benefits, including shared operating overhead costs, joint cost-saving advertising and promotion campaigns, and the ability to draw from each other's customer base.

Source: www.entrepreneur.com