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Historical Furniture / March 25, 2017

Roll top desk refinish and repairPlease take a minute to let some of these furniture restorations, furniture repairs, furniture alterations and even furniture reproduction images sink in. This website based gallery will be updated regularly to show more and more examples of what is the outer edge of possible when master woodworking craftsmen and craftswomen apply their formidable furniture making talents.

At Graybar Furniture Works we know the Antique Road Show has spooked many antique or heirloom furniture owners from having furniture repairs and restorations done. Our work is skillfully performed so that it not only enhances the beauty of the piece it also enhances the value of a cherished furniture piece. You can see for yourself how dramatic the improvement is in so many instances. You don’t have to avoid restoring a fine furniture or antique furniture piece out of fear of a major financial mistake. Master furniture restoration and furniture repair artisans are available for consultation anytime. If you have a Philadelphia candlestick table, circa 1765, with an antique finish critical to its six figure value, the Graybar team will advise you not to have the antique piece refinished; but as you can see, most antique furniture and heirloom furniture is brought back to life when a master woodworker repairs or restores the piece. What you can’t see is 99.99 percent of all damaged or worn antique or heirloom furniture is greatly enhanced in dollar value through the stabilization and protection fine furniture repair and restoration provides.

Take a look. If you like what you see contact Graybar Furniture Works for your furniture repair and restoration needs. We will proudly add your piece to this before and after furniture gallery while we add you to our satisfied customer list.