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Antique Furniture Refinishing Techniques

Historical Furniture / August 3, 2023


Karzen’s Antique Furniture Restoration

Your vintage furniture must be handled with extreme care and by knowledgeable hands who understand the value of your aged possessions. Our experience in the business of antique furniture repair is crucial when dealing with valuables such as our antiques. Whether a family heirloom of extreme sentimental value or a jewel find, knowing the value is key. You can count on Karzen to educate and advise you on the best method to restore your treasure.

Antique Furniture Restoration for Your Valued Vintage Furniture

When considering how to refinish antique furniture, determine if you want to preserve its value to one day market or if you are just looking to preserve a memory and continue to use your furniture.

Antique furniture restoration is the process in which our craftsmen will lighten dark wood finishes that are concealed under years of old varnishes and cheap sticky finishes. This process brings out the original wood’s grain that may have been hidden for centuries! Other antique furniture repair shops don't recognize the underlying value of your vintage furniture and can use foolhardy refinishing techniques that can deplete years of worth.

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Water Damaged Antique Oriental Secretary "Before"

Antique Clock Repair and Restoration

Antique clocks can be a gorgeous site in any home. This piece of furniture is invaluable and desires delicate hands when in need of repair. Karzen’s work is all handcrafted. Hand stripping, hand application of finishes and simple tools for repairs is what has become the reputation of Karzen’s work. His attention to detail is to be considered for your antique clock repair. Patience is key when handling these astonishing antiques. Alan Karzen and his team are passionate about their work and take the time needed to repair and restore antique clocks.