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Dovetail Vintage

Vintage / September 2, 2018

1452 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 508-3398

I love stoping in for a browse and a chat - I'm always sure to find a unique addition to my home. The apothecary items are also amazing (and you'll quickly want one of each)! This is a great place to find the perfect, thoughtful gift, or a gift for yourself - with a friendly face behind the desk, to make it even better.

So, while walking to West Fest I stopped into this establishment with a friend, we walked around for at least 5 minutes looking at items in this small storefront and were never acknowledged by the owner or employee, not sure. She had one other customer with whom she was engaged in conversation, however, a simple greeting should have been received. Instead, nothing, not even a head nod. "Hello" goes a long way. I have shopped here before, now, I won't be back and neither will my friend.

I will concur. I first saw the Dovetails gals (and their wonderful vintage wares) at a trunk show at the May 2009 Yelp Retro Spring Fling...and it only took me about 18 months to FINALLY stop in for some vintage retail therapy on a blustery Sunday evening recently. Delayed buzz marketing at its finest, I say. Dovetail is top-notch when it comes to carefully culled vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories. It's absolutely a bit more high end than Seek a few doors down (also love), so this is more for...everyday wear and for selecting a few pieces to build around. Think beautiful sweaters, skirts, dresses, etc. You won't necessarily find kitschy dresses you could wear to a throwback formal, costume-y jewelry or anything like that. You might, but it'll probably be a bit pricey if you just plan to wear it one evening. You WILL find classic pieces that have stood the test of time and look radiant even 40 years past their original heyday. My final purchase? A fantastically preserved purple "housecoat" that twirls just right as I pretend that I'm wearing it as a "housecoat" and not just as a dress over leggings. The bright orange detail punctuates the retro scale, and I can guarantee no one else in Chicago has this same piece. For $60, it was a deal. I've already worn it 4x, and I'm calling it my Thanksgiving outfit. There is a small dressing room...and the store is decorated in a fashion that makes you want to hike up those 'hose, slip on some white gloves and a housecoat and drink Manhattans while dreaming of men that look like Don Draper. Or, you just grab a housecoat...get home, and drink some wine while sitting on the couch in it. CAREFULLY. Either way, Dovetail is tops.