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Furniture Auctions Near me

Historical Furniture / May 28, 2021

I have had a few readers of this site ask me the following two questions about auction houses:

  1. Which are the best auction houses to use?
  2. Are there any auction houses located near me?

So I decided to compiled a list of the good auction houses in the United States and publish on this site. I have either used or have heard good things about these auction houses. There are over 100, 000 auction houses world wide. The most popular auction houses are located in Europe and the United States. One of the newest locations to see a boom in auction houses is Dubai. In the past 5 years most major auction houses have opened an auction gallery in Dubai.

There are two categories of auction houses in this list:

  • Well known auction houses.
  • Up and coming auction houses.

The auction houses are listed by the name followed by their location (state and city)

Well known auction houses

These auction houses usually only deal in high end consignments.

Up and coming auction houses

These auction houses are more of an all round auction houses. They handle a range of consignments from common to rare to high end items.

Keep in mind that this is just a short list of auction houses and there are many more out there. You can use the website to find auction houses which are located near you. You just have to put in your zipcode then select the distance you want to travel and the type of auctions you are looking for. You will get a list of upcoming auctions in your area with auction information, pictures, catalogues if available and a link to the auction house.

If you have enjoyed going to an auction house or had a good experience with it then feel free to leave the auction house information in the comment section below. Please include the location of the auction house if available.