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Furniture Backing Board

Historical Furniture / July 22, 2022

MycoBoard™ products are a biofabricated, certified sustainable, form of engineered wood. They are grown using mycelium – “nature’s glue” – which is formaldehyde-free, safe, and healthy and produces panels that are strong, machinable and fire-resistant. This makes MycoBoard™ panels an ideal solution for the home, office, or school.

Current Applications

  • Furniture (Structural and Non Structural)
  • Work surfaces
  • Molded furniture components
  • Seatbacks
  • Architectural panels
  • Door cores
  • Cabinetry
  • Key Benefits

    MycoBoard is:

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Urea-Formaldehyde Free
  • VOC Free
  • Class B Fire Rated
  • Customizable
  • Made in USA & North America
  • Current Capabilities and Scale

    Our Green Island facilities and team are producing custom molded MycoBoard shapes as well as 3x6' panels on our own presses.

    Substrate hard wood 57e7e84121271da76c91503ba7d107c47db70b45b14d1dc5ab152a0acedd7c5dWe have multiple presses designed to accept molded tooling for the production of chair backs, custom architectural elements, and complex geometries. Pressing the material right to its final form removes the need for milling or routing, reducing waste and energy.

    In addition to our own 3x6’ press, Ecovative has partnered with multiple North American mills to produce industry standard 4x8’ and 5x10’ panels in greater volumes. These panels are available in limited release and can be purchased through our sales team.

    Resin Technology

    MycoBoard is powered by our mResin™ technology and is directly compatible with existing presses. Loose particles, from hemp to conventional wood fibers, are then combined with our proprietary mycelium strains. The growth of the mycelium converts some of the particles into a natural and safe biological glue.

    Myco board key benefits 65aaf8a7781df8d25d7eea979c7c2879f2b15999a110021954571c4a0c4214e5Installing our bio-resin system can be a valuble upgrade to existing particle board plants, completely eliminating any harmful emissions, both during application and during end use, while maintaining compatability with both continious and multi-open discontinious lines. Further more, unlike conventional chemical resin systems, mResin™ adhesive is grown on site, reducing transport costs.

    Our mResin™ adhesive system is currently being piloted in multiple mills in North America.

    Surface Finish

    MycoBoard has a pleasing all-natural surface finish which can be coated using conventional finishing systems or laminated.

    Stains, paints, and laminates work well on MycoBoard.

    Substrate Variations

    Myco board molded press cab64db2d690057fffe8a064826821027009e07b9f50857fdb6aca21d19a2951 Myco board surface finish 647115f53213ed2d89f391d92aa37e73502b04f88fd6c12cae9d35fc353a9fdb Substrate soft wood 90ab4b20e88c69357606046ab24bf65fed220145d3848f66ef0a010b57831dbf Myco board chair 5ad100eb5ef3646192b833b88ae4e546ce404c350617d9776a9d6a3664b28f1c