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Historical Furniture / February 14, 2020

I still continue to learn every time I pick up a carving gouge … and this time is no exception. I recently made another video lesson for my online school. It is a much simpler Fleur-de-Lis. What is interesting about this lesson is that I ended up carving 2 of them – with the grain going in […]

I finished the sunburst fireplace carving in poplar. Here are the photos. I am pleased with the way it turned out. These sharp edged carvings, when the shadows fall on them, show such dramatic darks and lights. It reminds me of v-cut letter carving. I hope it doesn’t change once it is painted white. I hope […]

I have recently completed one side of the acanthus scrolls for the top of a Philadelphia Highboy carved in mahogany. The photo below is of a Highboy that I carved about 8 years ago. Danny Hinson, of Charleston SC, built 2 of these and I carved the details both of them. He got one, and I […]

This is a great example of how to care for a very fragile carving. This delicate leaf design is for the detail on the top of a Philadelphia Highboy (this project is actually going on a Philadelphia Chest-on-Chest, but since the highboys are so much more common, I’m just going to refer to it as […]

I recently received a great new commission – to carve the top details for 4 reproduction Philadelphia Chippendale chest-on-chests. These ornate tops are usually seen on highboys from around 1760 to 1780, but occasionally are added as decorative tops (or bonnets) of chest-on-chests. Quite often the chest-on-chests have a simple flat top. The following is […]