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Pink Vintage Furniture

Vintage / December 19, 2018

"French Provincial" is not just a film that made Jeanne Moreau famous, it is also a geographical location with its own furniture design influences. French Provincial furniture blends elegance, timelessness, and beauty in unique details along table tops, sides, and drawers. It has historically been made in provincial centers in France and pieces boast cabriole legs with the upper part of the leg being convex (bows outward) while the lower part is concave (bows inward). French Provincial furniture also features scalloped designs along the sides, front, or legs of the pieces. Accent or dining chairs are often found with carvings that resemble wheat, have ladder backs, and slightly raised seat cushions in varied shades of pink, ivory, and white. Most vintage French Provincial living room furniture has an array of coloring that tends to fade, distress, or crack. Some items are refurbished while others are used as-is in spaces that require elegant and aged beauty. Browse the large inventory of provincial furniture on eBay to find a dresser, side table, sofa, or love seat that instantly takes you back in time.

Source: www.ebay.com