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Retro Antique Furniture

Historical Furniture / January 14, 2023

3419 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 329-4460

I love getting lost amongst all the stuff! There are some real gems and deals to be had if you have the time to poke around.

One of my favorite shops to browse in the Fremont neighborhood! Awesome collection of cheap records - $1-$2 range, mostly stuff you would actually want to listen to, not just Goodwill dollar bin junk. And endless rows of funky throwback stuff from the past 5 or 6 decades. Everything from NES games, to "Vote for Regan" Cigarette packs, to 8mm projectors, to furniture, to clothes, and then plenty more in between. Check it out for sure!

Who knew McDonald glasses we got as kids would become a hot item?!!! And that our granny's faux fir jacket would be something we'd really want after even she was over it?!!! This vintage mall is super cute and they've organized everything in a really cool way. Going through each room is like walking back through a time machine. I don't keep memorabilia but this store makes me wish I had. I didn't find the items too expensive. Nor were any of them damaged from being that old. The store has a really sweet feel to it.

A vintage store located in the basement carries particularly appropriate metaphorical meaning. This shop is one of the better curated, much more organized vintage establishments in the Pacific Northwest. For goods and furniture that are obviously cool or in good condition, the prices reflect that (in other words, they're astronomical $$$$). But dig deeper and gems can be found that are a bit more reasonable. Prices are non-negotiable as they are set by individual vendors, but certain corners of the store will go on sale from time to time. Overall, definitely worth your time and while to browse when you're in Fremont.

Great shop with lots of booths and variety of product. Got lots of goodies at good prices!

Really cool underground vintage "mall" in Seattle. I think it's a bit pricey but I know every city has a different idea of how much vintage should cost. I like the way everything is set up based on their distributor. While there is a ton of stuff I didn't find it overwhelming sorting though things and I feel like I was able to see everything without digging through piles of stuff. Definitely if you enjoy vintage check it out.

$1000 dollars. Yes you read that right. $1000 dollars for a nice looking couch that I just quoted needed $800 in repairs. First time I sat on it at my house I heard a really loud crack, then the middle collapsed. I flipped it over and the entire underneath is shattered. It's all particle board. that is ONE thousand Dollars for a couch that I now have to call to have carried away for recycling because of the no return policy. I also purchased a used AM / FM Radio that never worked. I guess it was never tested in the store. Stick with the stuff that's not vintage and you'll be ok. But I'd be very wary of anything vintage, that's mechanical or furniture.

Fun place that's huge. 2-3 subterranean floors of vintage consignment stuff. Whenever we are in Fremont we stop by.

I loved this place! I came in to look for a crib and found myself wandering around the store distracted by all the cool trinkets. They have a great big selection of all kinds of everything! Even old medical jars of pig and shark fetuses. They have awesome vintage clothing and really neat antique furniture. They also have lots and lots of artwork... I could go on and on. Definitely on of my favorite vintage stores in Seattle so far!

It is a fun place to visit if you have time and like looking at vintage items. I would say it is like any other vintage consignment shop just slightly bigger. I didn't find anything I really wanted and some of the items were outrageously expensive. Some items were definitely not vintage.

We came here because a friend was in town and she wanted to check out vintage shops in Fremont. We didn't end up buying anything, but this place is like a really cool museum! There is so much to see, and some of the older items are a good reminder of what things used to look like... like old Pyrex tupperware, or old sports jerseys, sports cards, figurines, etc. It was really interesting and I probably could've spent an hour or so in there just carefully looking through stuff.

Great selection of vendors. All kinds of great finds from furniture to jewelry. Our favirite ourchase to date were two beautiful church pews for our foyer. It sometimes seems a little pricey but remember they've done all the hunting for you. Most of this place seems pretty well edited, and not full of flea market stuff.. It can get busy and does take some energy to get thru but we always find something fun that we love. BEST THING: customer service is excellent, super helpful, knowledgeable, quick, and easy to find.

cool place for knick knacks but pretty damn expensive. there isn't a lot of selection for clothing; it's concentrated more on housewares. it's great to browse but not sure i would really spend my money on anything here.

Really cute vintage shopping experience of vintage sports items, to clothes, to magazines and music. Almost anything you could imagine to sift through and have nostalgic thoughts of childhood about. They also sell little nick nacky things like old cards, scrabble tiles, old photos, etc. I didn't find anything to bring home this time but we did consider a few items of interest. Maybe next time around!