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Wood furniture pics

Old Wooden Furniture / July 20, 2017

The first thing that comes to mind for me is to make sure you compose the shot in such a way that someone can imagine sitting in it. For like a marketing style photo, try having other things in the shot and have it set up so that it looks liveable, but keep in mind you want to design the scene so that everything is facing the camera. Think typical theater design, nothing should have its back to the audience.

For individual product shots, traditional lighting and composition advice applies. If you can get a large enough soft box it wouldn't hurt, but using traditional three point lighting with soft diffusers should work fine too. Don't take photos straight on for most things, you want angles and curves to be nicely visible and to give it a 3d shape that has depth. Again, the goal is really to make someone feel like they could sit right in it/at it. If they can picture themselves using it, they are more likely to want it.