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Historical Furniture / February 3, 2023

110 4th St
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 575-8287

There was a problem with the price quoted. The owner was more interested in good customer relations than a money dispute and was very accommodating - more than fair really. The products and services were superior. I recommend.

We love the furniture. It's beautiful and well made. We purchased our hutch in Vacaville. We had to contact the store on delivery day and were told that our salesperson, Dawn, was not in. Whoever answered the phone wasn't very nice and we were directed to the delivery department. When we contacted the delivery department some lady named Pat was simply down-right rude to my husband. So I called and same rude behavior from Pat. Paul in delivery was amazing and solved the problem. Honestly we spent a considerable money and rudeness is not ok. Sadly, we won't be returning because that behavior in the phone to paying customers is not going to fly with us.

I worked with the owner and he was great. We only had about 2 hours of time and he walked us around and showed us everything they had. WE loved the bedroom set in the front entry and bought it. We also bought a very nice hound that was also on display. My hubby and I also got a mattress for our room. They gave us a great discount because we lost our house in the valley fire. The owner also gave us free deliver to my house. He was really easy to work with and such a nice guy. We are happy to do business with this shop and hope to be back again soon. They have such nice things. We have has the couch and furniture for over 3 weeks now and still really love it all. Everyone who sits on the couch loves it and mostly every one falls asleep on it. It is so cozy. Thank your all the help!

Beautiful, American-made high quality furniture. Most of it is solid Mission or Craftsman style. Nothing trendy or mid-century modern, but very well made (much of it by Amish-run, American companies) of real wood. Bought a beautiful nightstand and coffee table off the sales floor, and yesterday, our made-to-order cherrywood dining table arrived in perfect condition, within the 8-10 week time frame we were quoted. Prices match the quality, and the salespeople were patient and friendly, happy to discuss any number of small details so we would get the exact pieces we wanted. There are occasional sales and clearance items, so if you live in the area, it's worth it to stop in every so often to see if there's a deal on offer. Both times, the delivery service they use arrived on time with our furniture in perfect condition.

What I found here I have been able to find at other furniture stores anywhere. Customer service that was amazing. They have beautiful quality made pieces of furniture . I ordered a sofa and two chairs. Even though I MADE a mistake on ordering one of the pieces I was TAKEN CARE of. I really wished I had come here for all my furniture needs. I recently purchased a large sectional from a very well know couch store, fabric already wearing. I have not received near the customer service from this other company as I have at Old Towne. Thank you Paul for all your help, and making purchasing furniture a pleasure to do!!!

Sadly, very disappointed. We go in once or twice a year to buy a piece for our home. This time we decided on a curio cabinet. Lora, the sales associate is great, but after waiting a month and a half for the piece to arrive, it was us who had to call and check up on it.only to have them say that the shipment came in, but not our piece. And, it was out of stock...after they called in the first place to check and was told it was at the time of purchase. Putting down half the price, you would think they would at least check on it and let you know that it was not coming in and let their customers know that our business is important to them. And now we wait once again for them to send a refund check. May go back..but then again, may not be worth the wait and hassle.

I bought a simple, but elegant, oak bookcase here. The service was excellent, with the salesperson flipping through several catalogues to make sure I got just what I wanted. The bookcase was around $300, a 50% off sale item. When I produced a Groupon worth $200 that I paid around $70 for, the salesperson checked with the owner and the sale was made. I'll be back to Old Town and ready to pay full price thanks to my good experience here.

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