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Antique appraisal Near me

Antique Furniture Style / August 18, 2016

Can ANTIQUES ROADSHOW provide information about or an appraisal of my object(s) via e-mail, mail, or phone?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW only provides free verbal evaluations at our events. We do not provide appraisals or information on objects via e-mail, mail, or phone.

How can I get an appraisal of my objects?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW only provides verbal evaluations in person at our events. If you are looking for an appraiser in your area, we have some suggestions to help you on your search.

How can I buy or sell an object?

We cannot give specific advice on the buying and selling of objects. The best general advice we can give is to explore all your options. Dealers, auctioneers, online and even yard sales are all potential ways of selling or acquiring objects. All methods involve costs to sell; some involve costs to buy. Investigate costs, the type of objects being bought and sold and through research, make the choice that best suits your situation.

Which cities are you visiting on future tours, and when are you coming to my town?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visits six cities each year and we are always researching new cities for future tours. Please note, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW events are only held in June, July, and August each year. You must have a ticket to attend an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event.


You must have a ticket to attend an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event.

How can I be featured on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW?

You must have a ticket to attend ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and each ticket holder can bring two items. We see over 10, 000 objects at each ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event, and ROADSHOW producers select about 80 objects to be recorded for episodes from that city. Among the many factors that producers consider when selecting an object for recording, are its history, rarity and value, as well as our guest's story and the appraiser's insights.

Can you provide me with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisers' contact information?


ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is not available on DVD or VHS.

You can view select appraisals and read appraisal transcripts in the ROADSHOW Archive or watch complete episodes in the Watch Episodes section of our site.

I saw an advertisement for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in my town, but didn't see the event listed on your Web site. Are you coming here?

If you have recently seen an event advertised in your community, please be aware it might not be affiliated with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Periodically, we are notified of events that use the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW name or a similar name, to buy and sell people's objects. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW does not buy or sell objects and the name ANTIQUES ROADSHOW may not be used without permission.