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Antique Brass Handle for Furniture

Historical Furniture / April 26, 2021

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1690-1730.William & Mary were the monarchs of England from 1689 to 1702. The furniture style of their time was Jacobean. Previous to this period, hardware was typically iron. During their realm, brass became the metal of choice. Queen Anne became Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1702. During this period, hardware was either very plain or had hand chased patterns on each plate. Simple antique brass cabinet pulls were decorated by hand scribing images on the plate directly. The chased patterns of these brass furniture handles tended to have floral or natural themes. The plate designs on our antique brass cabinet pulls were hand chased by my great-grandfather originally, 4 generations of Hortons have contributed to Horton Brasses' heritage of keeping this very early art form alive. These brass furniture handles are available in a variety of finishes.

William & Mary / Queen Anne: Handles & Parts (18 items)

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