Vintage antique kitchen cabinet knobs handles furniture cabinet

Antique Furniture Handle and Knobs

Historical Furniture / January 27, 2021

Doorbells are so plain. Why not have guests announce their arrival at your house with vintage antique hardware, like a door knocker? Vintage pieces give your home personality. Use vintage kitchen hardware, like brass handles on cabinets and glass drawer pull knobs. The good thing about vintage antique hardware is that it can give your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom a new look without a major renovation. Vintage door hardware, like heavy brass or glass knobs and door knockers shaped like a lion's head will make you feel like you are living in Victorian England. Swap out the standard handles on your dresser for art deco pieces in white or other bright colors. Choose vintage cabinet hardware from the large selection of reliable sellers on eBay and dress up your china cabinet. Use a set of vintage hooks to hold coats or keys near the front door. Small, simple touches add elegance to your home and make it stand out from others.