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Antique Furniture Lebanon

Historical Furniture / June 17, 2018

The Lebanon Antique Mall features a wide range of antiques, collectibles, home decor, furniture and handcrafted pieces right off of South Cumberland Street and within walking distance from the downtown historic square.

The Lebanon Antique Mall currently has around 25 vendors with room to take on several more, according to Williams.

“Anybody who is looking to deal in antiques/collectibles, custom built furniture, or home goods can inquire the Antique Mall for booth rates. This is a great outlet for a new business looking to get a start or someone looking for a new, profitable hobby, ” he said.

Williams began dealing with antiques and collectibles at a young age when he and his father acquired a baseball card collection of more than 1 million pieces. Since then, his love of the trade has developed into an appreciation of preserving American history through all items while turning it into a profitable and enjoyable pastime.

His most recent venture involves his love of music with a strong focus in the resurgence of the vinyl record industry. Williams is currently a junior at Tennessee Tech University and plans on attending law school upon graduation.

The Lebanon Antique Mall seeks to buy records, comic books, vintage toys, old signs, coins, knives and more. The business will also buy entire estates and large collections.