Revival Antiques in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

Antique Furniture North Carolina

Historical Furniture / September 13, 2021

Growing up, I’d watch my Mom revive old pieces of furniture and add her own vintage flair. I’d see a plain wooden shelf turn into an ‘antiqued’ yet romantic accessory; from then on a love for vintage furniture was ingrained in me. As someone who has 95% of their bedroom furniture consisting of antiques (and has watched way too much flea market flip) I can tell you that sometimes, antiquing isn’t easy. Between overpriced pieces, and wondering through rubbish for hours, some shops are worth it, others are not. In North Carolina, these ten are great bets for that perfect vintage find.

1. ScreenDoor, Asheville

With 25, 000 sq. ft of home and garden antiques, you're sure to find that special, unique piece at ScreenDoor. From cozy, handcrafted bedroom sets, to standout patio pieces, bring a truck...or SUV with you on your visit.

2. Vintage Thrift & Antiques, High Point

Vintage Thrift is not just a solo-operating antique mall, it also rents out it's space to other antique dealers in the area. You're sure to find a cornucopia of eccentric, classy, and vintage finds.

3. The Brass Monkey Antique and Vintage Shop, Archdale

If you're the type who likes your antiques extra can find that perfect conversation piece at the Brass Monkey. The main store is now closed, while you can still find Brass Monkey goods in their booth at Vintage Thrift & Antiques in High Point.

4. Dapper Dan's, Greenville

At Dapper Dan's you won't just find antique furniture, but art, clothes, and collectibles. One Yelp user even said she wishes she could marry Dapper Dan's. So, I guess it's worth a visit!

5. The Sleepy Poet, Charlotte

You could spend hours browsing the sleepy poet. From unique, ornamental statues to put on the mantlepiece, to large, vintage rugs searching for a home. There's something for everyone here.

6. Appalachian Antique Mall, Boone

Right on King St. in Boone, you can discover vintage finds with a touch of mountain charm at Appalachian Antique Mall. From warm, cherry wood tables, to a whole assortment of handblown jars, you'll come in looking for one thing, and come out with five others.

7. Whistle Stop Mall, Franklin

While some of the stores listed are small in size, you could spend a whole day or two at Whistle Stop Mall in Franklin. Within the impressive 60, 000 sq. ft. you'll find antiques, dining, and retail stores. Whistle Stop wanted to make a place where customers could "see and touch history through the years."

8. Father & Son Antiques, Raleigh

If 60's and 70's era finds are your favorite, you MUST pay a visit to Father & Son. From hip sofas, groovy lamps, to all out bedroom furniture fit for a Madmen set, you're sure to find that perfect vintage piece here.

9. Class and Trash, Kill Devil Hills

While shopping for antiques, most of us have this exact thought, half of this is class, half of it is trash. Staying true to the antique motto, Class and Trash brought a world of collective, unique finds to Kill Devil Hills.

10. Kinnaman's Furniture Store and Antiques, Winston-Salem

Kinnaman's brings you a wide array of both used and new antiques. The best part about it is the reasonable prices for such authentic finds.