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Antique Indian Furniture UK

Historical Furniture / February 3, 2019

Richard Harding, the owner of Four Oaks Nurseries, became interested in Indian antiques about seventeen years ago when he and his wife Judith were visiting India. They began to buy pieces for her antiques shop in Mallorca and when Richard later acquired Four Oaks Nurseries, he decided to test the UK market through Four Oaks Direct, the retail plant outlet. His first purchases were mainly garden and architectural antiques.

These proved very successful and lines now include furniture and decorative pieces for indoor and outdoor, and also a range of new imported items. Stock includes:-

  • Indian antique furniture indoor and outdoor
  • Carved wooden doors
  • Stone columns, tables and troughs
  • Wooden ornaments and artefacts
  • Carved pillars and bases
  • Architectural sundries

ALSO a range of new imported items including -

  • Garden benches & tables
  • Fountains
  • Marble vases, urns and lions
  • Wrought iron gates, gazebos and small items
  • Hand made terracotta pots

Every year in November, Richard and Judith spend a month in India on a buying trip and container loads of new lines arrive in the UK during February and March, a selection of which will appear on this site. There is much more to see in the warehouse and customers are welcome to browse.