Victorian Furniture Style Antique Victorian Furniture

Antique Victorian Style Furniture

Historical Furniture / March 24, 2021

In contrast with other Victorian styles of furniture produced in America featuring classical motifs, Eastlake furniture is more geometric and incorporates more modest curves with a nod toward modernism. The style sometimes includes mild Renaissance Revival and medieval influences that do not overwhelm the designs. These pieces can include Middle Eastern or Far Eastern design elements as well.

Wood grains were often emphasized, with oak and cherry used in Eastlake pieces as well as rosewood and...MORE walnut. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what type of wood was used because of dark varnishes coating the surface. Additionally, in American pieces, ebonized wood was used from time to time, especially those with an Asian flair. The wood on Asian inspired pieces may simulate bamboo, in fact.

In contrast to Mission furniture, Eastlake pieces were not completely devoid of ornamentation and decorative elements. However, the ornamental carving seen on these pieces is lightly incised rather than deeply carved. In American Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Sofas & Beds, by Marvin D. Schwartz, the author explains, "Eastlake forms were strongly rectilinear and had geometric ornament, turnings, brackets, trestles, and incised linear decoration - all easily executed with machines."