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Old Wooden Furniture / December 19, 2017

We are proud to offer the world's largest selection of Vermont Made Furniture. Our handcrafted furniture is 100% made in America, right here in the Green Mountain State. It's the natural, real solid wood furniture you've always admired and here you can even customize it online. The luxury of timeless style and honest craftsmanship for your bedroom, dining room, living room and home office awaits you. Whether you're looking for traditional, modern, Shaker, craftsman, arts & crafts, transitional or contemporary styles- we have the perfect furniture for your unique home. Each piece is made to order, just for you. Shop online or give us a call. We are a small, family owned company always delighted to help you.

Real Solid Wood

Our high quality, American made wood furniture is hand made to order in Vermont, from sustainably harvested solid wood. Natural cherry wood is our most popular however we also work in natural maple, oak or walnut wood. Browse our affordable handmade furniture below, and customize any bed, dresser, chest, table, chairs or cabinet with your choice of hardwood, dimensions, hardware and styling. It's natural solid wood furniture, designed to fit your home, your dream and your budget.

Natural Colors or Stains?

Vermont has become the last bastion of genuine authenticity for real solid hardwood furniture that's actually made in America. While many furniture stores advertise "cherry furniture" or "oak furniture", often it's not actually cherry or oak wood you're buying. It's typically a cheaper, imported wood that's stained to look like cherry or oak. Here you will find the real thing. But we understand that many times, customers are trying to match the color of a new furniture piece to something they already have. Or you may want to achieve a certain style or design that requires a dark stain or a whitewash. So we have many choices for stains and you may even send us your own stain. Here's a summary of our wood colors and the stains we typically apply:

  • Real, natural cherry wood has a rich reddish tone that darkens naturally with age and sunlight. Our cherry wood stains include autumn cherry, mahogany cherry, cognac cherry, saddle cherry, smoke cherry, walnut, ebony and country russet.
  • Maple wood has a light, creamy color. Go even lighter with an ivory finish on maple. Go darker with the driftwood stain on maple which creates a slate color. Espresso and ebony stains can also be applied to maple wood for even darker tones.
  • Walnut is our darkest wood. It's a beautiful, rich chocolatey brown. If you're investing in a walnut table, we don't typically recommend a stain. Why? Because walnut is becoming rather rare and it's priced higher than cherry, maple and oak. No sense paying extra for a rare wood grain if you're going to cover it up with a stain.
  • Oak is a traditional wood with strong grain patterns and a medium color tone. We offer a light whitewashed ivory tone on oak pieces as well as a slate colored driftwood, and the ever-popular medium, autumn and classic oak stains.
  • Ash looks a lot like oak, with it's strong grain patterns but it has a slightly lighter tone. Copeland offers ash wood in the following collections: Kyoto, Estelle, Contour, Weston, Surround and Axis. You can order your ash furniture with a light soaped ash stain, weathered ash, (a medium color stain), taupe ash (slightly darker), sand ash or the almost black seared ash.

Check the "Option Details" tab on any product page to see which stains are available for your piece.

Vermont Furniture Makers

The Green Mountain State has a reputation for the best wooden handcrafted furniture anywhere in America. Vermont is home to some 2000 small custom furniture makers located throughout our state as well as several mid-size, high end furniture manufacturers. Vermont furniture makers are known for their fine craftsmanship and use of organic solid wood and clear natural finishes. With so many American furniture brands now making their furniture overseas, Vermont has quietly become the Real Wood Furniture Capital of the USA. We are proud to partner with Vermont furniture companies that have continued to operate successfully in the USA, remaining true to their communities, their employees and their quality even during the hardest of economic times. Our partners include Maple Corner Woodworks, Lyndon Furniture, Copeland Furniture, Vermont Furniture Designs and a few specialized custom artisan studios.

What's Your Style?

Vermont has always been known for it's traditional Shaker style furniture, crafted in real solid cherry wood. But our Yankee craftsman have deep expertise in creating many additional styles of furniture including: Mission, Craftsman, Modern, Mid Century Modern MCM, American Country, Colonial and Contemporary.