Furniture Dovetail

Historical Furniture / July 27, 2018

Dovetail Furniture

Dovetail Furniture: Blending Rustic Elegance with a Modern Touch

Finding all the right pieces to fill out a room is an adventure in its own right. Sure, just about any furniture can furnish a home, but only a handful truly exude style and personality while offering the comfort and allure you’re proud to call your own. No matter how many hours you spend scouring the internet and small local shops during your search for those select few perfect pieces, finally stumbling upon them makes the entire journey worthwhile.

With the launch of the Dovetail Furniture brand back in 1992, creators Ted Einstein and Charlie Shaw brought all those highly sought-after elements to a single line of home furnishings. The term "dovetail" in and of itself indicates a level of quality and craftsmanship born long before technology tightened its grip on the home furnishings industry. This tongue-and-groove technique was developed centuries ago, and early examples of such work maintain their structural integrity even today.