How to Price Used Furniture

How to value furniture?

Historical Furniture / September 26, 2018

The work is easy. The brand ((Value City) is well known and is an Ohio based company, though their competition is strong.


Alarming lack of ethical behaviors from the top down. Unprofessional behaviors are not addressed in mgmt., including basic topics like personal hygiene and appropriate behavior. . Steady cuts in commission rates so that mgmt. can increase their margins. Too many of the salespeople are comfortable with lying and stealing; from the company, from co-workers, from customers. Bullying behaviors are ignored. Broken furniture on sales floor. Some of the salespeople would not able to be hired anywhere else.

Rat an das Management

Hire better people, especially for sales. Improve the quality of the product. Increase commission rates to what they used to be. Provide more perks across the board. The company makes money, don't be so stingy with it. Don't view staff as only a means to an end. They are people.