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Ottawa Antique Furniture

Historical Furniture / August 16, 2021

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When we first arrived in town, my wife and I faced the common dilemma of filling our new apartment with furniture. We started with the big names (IKEA, Leons, etc.) but had our hearts set on something a little more authentic - something with a story behind it. We asked around and were directed to the Ottawa Antique Market. We thought it was a big antique warehouse store, but as soon as we stepped into the doors we realized it was truly a market - a collection of different and diverse vendors all under one roof. Each vendor had a different take on what was antique - we saw everything from real Persian rugs, bowler hats, 70s hi-fi record players, iron farm tools, coins, records, to books and period furniture. The selection was wide but the prices were a little sobering. Mind you, some of the brand new furniture pieces we looked at in the big chain stores were just as expensive.

This is a nice Antiques Market with probably 25-30 individual dealers. There is a good selection of a variety of things, including vintage clothing, furniture, old jewelry, art, and books. Here are a few key points... 1. Some of the dealers are actually in their booths on weekends, which makes it nice when you have questions or are wanting to make an offer. 2. The business does not face the street, but faces a small private lot on Bank St. I did not see it at first, but it was there. 3. There are more small items here. You will find furniture, but definitely more in the way of books, art, jewelry, etc. I noticed an over abundance of dishes and crystal decanters. 4. They have a staffed information booth at the front which doubles as both shoplifting patrol and actual information source. 5. You can probably breeze through here in 30 minutes. It is not huge, but big enough to make it worth a stop.

The Ottawa Antique Market is a great place to find unique items. Being a collection of dealers rather than a single merchant, you will find a wide variety of treasures covering a broad price range. You can find big ticket and little ticket items here and the best-received gifts I gave this Christmas came from here. You can easily browse for an hour inside and still see something new on your next visit. Bottom Line: Fun shopping and a great place to buy gifts.

This hidden antique shop is anything but small. Ottawa Antique Market, located along the south side of a larger commercial building in Old Ottawa South will blow your mind the first time you walk in. My friend who loves antiques took me once and I must admit I don't have much of an eye for this sort of stuff, especially when it's in the store but I was impressed with what they had in here. The shop employee was friendly and let my friend buy up several items without disturbing him. He asked me if he could help me but of course my response was "I'm just browsing!". I always envision antique stores as being dusty and smalling like mothballs but this place was clean, bright and it smelled just fine! Their collection of lamps was really cool and my friend actually picked one up that he'd been looking for at garage sales and other places across Ottawa. Although he's moved now, he swears by it and perhaps when I hit an "antiquing phase" of my life I'll get into this place again.

Probably the best antique shop in Ottawa, with a diverse selection of items, the Ottawa Antique Market is made of of dozens of different merchants, offering items ranging from true antiques, furniture, rugs, books, toys, lace, paintings and watercolors and other collectibles. Prices can be discounted, as several of the "shop" owners tend to their booths, whereas other booths are managed by the front desk. While there were few empty booths on my recent visit, one can easily spend an hour or more peering into the many cases that contain treasures of yesteryear. Some shops are far more upmarket than others, but this is what makes the Ottawa Antique Market unique - those who enjoy less expensive finds will enjoy most of the merchants while those looking for a $12, 000 fireplace fender will have come to the right place.