Vintage House Furniture

Vintage House Furniture

Vintage / January 12, 2019

We’re located at 315 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, California, 92075.

Store Hours:

Thursday- Saturday 11am-5pm

Sundays 12pm-5pm

You can also call the shop to make an appointment!

Store phone (858) 222-2989

I opened House Vintage 20 years ago. It’s always been something I’ve pored my heart into, it used to be called “Out of the Blue”… but after 16 years I decided to change the name, I always seem to be reinventing myself, and this year will be no exception. Several changes are already in progress.

My store is a tiny 800 square-foot cottage that was built in 1922. It’s full of vintage furniture, funky old stuff, and cool stuff to make stuff!

We teach paint classes in what used to be the back yard of the cottage.

Inside the shop I carry my own line of non-toxic DIY Paint, as well as all the fun craft kits that I sell online!

My office/craft studio is in the back of the store…
This is where I film a lot of my videos and edit for hours and hours. Did you know that it takes about a week to make one five minute video?

My craft studio is filled with all of the things I’ve found at estate sales that I just can’t sell…

not because the items are especially valuable, they’re just quirky…

I almost never let anyone in my filming area, because I theres a side of me that is sort of hermit crab-ish. People keep trying to sneak in so this year we are creating a new indoor classroom. (stay tuned I’m really excited about it!)