Pictures of old Furniture

Historical Furniture / December 31, 2018

When you’re selling your old furniture, a great photo will not only get it sold faster, but it will probably net you a few more bucks. Here are two tips the pros use when selling furniture online.

Anne Doherty, owner of Annie’s Attic in Chicago, Illinois, tells Mental Floss that you do what should be done with all photos: use decent lighting. You don’t need to throw together a makeshift photo studio setup, but you should definitely ditch the low-light, flash photos you see on Craigslist all the time. Instead, take your piece outside and get some natural lighting so you can capture the true color of the fabric and avoid deep shadows.

It’s also important to show scale, says Dayna Winter, the content marketer at Shopify, so people know the true size of the furniture. Dimensions are helpful to list, but it’s hard to actually picture the size of something like a couch without a photo that shows it in relation to other items. Find some things that people will be familiar with and place them near the furniture so they can see what they’re actually dealing with. A photo with decent lighting and a sense of scale will earn you some inquiries in no time. You can find some more helpful furniture selling tips at the link below.