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Historical Furniture / April 5, 2016

20201 Livernois Ave
Detroit, MI 48221
(313) 345-0884

My all time favorite store for thrifty finds!!! The owner has a heart of gold and takes care of his customers!!! If you love treasure hunting and finding the perfect diamond in the rough then this is thee place for you! You never know what you may find so I highly recommend Fred's for unique gifts, furnishings and even clothing!!!

There are probably some good finds here, but I don't like shopping here. I've come a few times and there aren't any prices on a lot of the furniture so you're kind of forced to ask the price. I guess depending on how much of a chump you look like you are, Fred will give you a low or high price. My friend and I saw a small couch here that he wanted and we asked the price and were told $225. That was way too much for this tiny thing so we passed and then were told they could go down to $200. I later saw it online at Fred's website for $125 and told my friend to see if they would just give it to him for the online price, no haggling. He later went back and was told that online prices were different, but they don't sell online, so I'm not sure how that works. Anyway, I also got a small end table here that when I asked how much, it was $95, and finally got it down to $60, which I still think was too much, but was too tired to try anymore. I don't mind a markup, but I find this particular brand kind of stressful. I get that the guy is just doing his job and trying to make a buck, but I still think this is pretty egregious. This is coming from someone who goes to a lot of estate sales and refuses to pay the sticker price, so it's not even the haggling I hate. Anyway, the overall place is messy and you have to wade through a lot of weird hotel discards to get to anything you'd want in your house. This place is not for me, but I can see why people like it.

This location appears to be more furniture-based than the other location, which has more bits and bobs (I reviewed that location, too!) After looking around for a while and seeing some great stuff (antique school desks, rocking chairs, some amazing couches and dressers) we found an awesome extendable metal work table with the leaf included! We walked out with a great deal on it, and we will definitely be back for more!

First impression is not very good, especially when you see a big, disordered stack of mattresses in the parking lot. If you go beyond that, the collection is fairly impressive. Much of what they sell are clearance items from businesses that are redecorating so they are high-quality. They also have a lot of products that are Victorian-style and mid-century modern. The manager is fairly helpful and seems to have the entire inventory memorized. My big pet peeve is that the website is often outdated. i saw a particular furniture set on the site supposedly available at this location, pointed out the photo to the manager, and he said that was sold months ago.

Hidden gem. Went here in search of a dining room buffet/bar, Fred's has several options at a more than reasonable price. This is a real place for real people, kind of like a big garage sale. Yes, you're going to have to give whatever you buy a good scrub down...but it's totally worth it. I was actually interested in a different piece than I left with, but someone had already put it on layaway, so that's a thing. If you feel like going on an adventure, check this place out.

This location is smaller than the warren one but still totally awesome. They have a great product mix with lots of different styles. They get their stuff from estate sales, hotel liquidations, etc. so there's lots of funky stuff and lots of beautiful stuff. Super nice staff very willing to help. Really good prices, too. This is a very solid spot if you're looking for furniture. Fred is a great guy.

Good place to get awesome stuff! This is the place for treasure seakers and also nice people who helped us good.

Awesome place to find used and antique furniture. Fred hooked me up on an item. Everything negotiable. Really a cool guy. This place is huge. Has a second floor with more cool stuff. Must stop by.

We stopped in here on a whim and we weren't too impressed at first. But once we started wading through the mountains of furniture, much of which ranged from nothing special to just-plain-awful, we realized there were plenty of hidden gems. We walked out with an 8' x 6' antique pine bookcase for $50.00! For an additional $25.00, Fred's delivered it to our Northville home. I will say that it took some doing to schedule the delivery - we had to reschedule twice - but for the price, it was definitely worth the effort. With a little TLC, the bookcase now looks lovely in our living room - we've gotten many compliments on it. This is the sister store to what I understand is a much larger store in Warren. We're looking forward to visiting the Warren location and exploring.

Wonderful place! I've driven by this place many times and always wondered, what's that store with all the junk outside? Don't let all the "junk" fool you. There are many hidden gems throughout the massive store. If you go in knowing what you are looking for the staff is very knowledgable and knows right where everything is. You can't beat their prices too!!

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