What Qualifies as Vintage Furniture?

What does Vintage Furniture Mean?

Vintage / September 18, 2018

In the world of furniture, the words vintage and antique are sometimes used almost interchangeably, though this is not the correct way to use them. In fact, they are two separate and completely different terms used to describe age and quality. Its important to know the difference so that you get what you are looking for when you look for vintage or antique furniture.

The word vintage brings up a number of images when attached to furniture. The first and most obvious is one of age because this is a partially correct application of the word. It also brings up images attached to bellbottoms, vinyl records and generally things that have been out of the mainstream for some time. While this is society’s definition of the word, it is not an entirely accurate true of the word.

The word “vintage” is properly defined as something of high quality that demonstrates styles of the past. Because of the use that society has put on the word vintage, it is important to note that the word applies to much more than just something you can find in your grandma's attic. Vintage furniture applies to many types of furniture, the most important qualities being those that show age and high attention to detail.

When you go to a furniture store and ask for vintage furniture, you may find a number of styles presented to you, not all of which include aged furniture. The store owner could assume you are looking for a certain style, not a certain age of furniture. This could end up with anything from a reproduction of a vintage furniture piece to a modern piece that has been termed vintage because it's manufacturer was hoping to add a bit of romance to their sales presentation. You can see how confusing the word vintage to only mean aged furniture could get you in an entirely different type of style than you planned.

Source: www.thefinertimes.com