Summerhouse Marketplace of Tampa. Garden and very vintage

Vintage Furniture Florida

Vintage / September 10, 2017

I love eBay and Chairish and Craigslist for the times that I’m looking for something very specific that’s in great condition. Estate sales are also really awesome, but they can be a lot of work and sort of time consuming. I don’t do yard sales at all any more because they waste too much time and gas.

Used furniture and consignment stores are where it’s at, friends. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll still see all sorts of junk at these places, but there will almost always be vintage treasures to be had at ridiculously low prices!

One of my friends, who bought this great iron chair on a recent shopping trip together, is so smart and likes to say hello to whomever is working near the front or at the register of the store and then just sort of shoots the breeze for a minute with them. And then she asks in the nicest way if there are any special sales happening that day. She’s not being fake, she’s just being friendly. And friendly people get treated, well, like friends! I’ve been using her approach since then and, I kid you not, nine times out of ten the salesperson will give me a little price break when I’m checking out without me even asking for it, just to be nice. It’s amazing. Especially when you do as much thrifting and vintage shopping as I do – every 5 or 10% off really adds up! :)